Hosted Desktop - Hosting Sage 50 Accountancy Software

 Hosted Accountants support a hosted desktop solution for accountancy firms and their clients, especially useful when hosting Sage 50. One of the most common pieces of software in accountancy firms is Sage 50. We provide a dedicated solution to enable collaborative working through our hosted desktops or through our remote App solution to help build a stronger relationship with your clients.

How working with us can enable the hosting of Sage 50 Accountancy Software
We have two dedicated server farms based in two highly secure UK based data centres. The fact that the server farms are mirrored means that you have a complete peace of mind that yours and your clients’ data is safe and secure. We provide enterprise standard servers for a fixed monthly fee. Due to the top end servers we use we find in the vast majority of cases software performance improves when hosting Sage 50 software.
With the release of each Sage upgrade the product sees new features being added. With these additional features comes the requirement for more sophisticated hardware in the office. So rather than buying a new PC to keep up with the demands, hosting Sage 50 software becomes a realistic alternative.
We have a number of accountancy firms where we also host their clients Sage 50 programs on our hosted desktop. This means that the accountancy firms can work on their client’s data through the year which will save hours at year end when completing annual accounts. There is also the added benefit that as and when your clients need some advice, you can log into their hosted Sage 50 database and talk through the problems they have and fix these real time, this is one of the areas where accountants turn in to trusted business advisors.
What this also means is that you don’t have to have every version of Sage 50 from upwards. When you sign up with our hosted desktop solution for hosting Sage 50, we will install the programs, licence them and restore your existing database. You licence will only commence once you’ve signed off the migration. Our support team are Prince 2 qualified and follow this project management methodology for all roll outs.

Accessibility when using the hosted Sage 50 Software
As with all of our hosted desktop solutions, you can access the secure servers from any location with an internet connection. Whether you’re on your laptop, iPad or internet café you will always be able to use Hosted Accountants for accessing your hosted Sage 50 software. You can easily arrange a free trial of our hosted desktop and see how easy bookkeeping is to use when you are hosting Sage 50 software.