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Is your practice IT downtime affecting practice productivity?

The modern IT landscape

Increased reliance on software and systems means any form of IT issue can seriously affect practice productivity. Whether wholesale loss of internet or smaller, isolated “user error” these incidents add up.

The situation is often compounded by confusion over whether an issue is due to a software or hardware problem – the old adage of “turn it off, turn it on” still refuses to die. Never has there been pressure on stakeholder (partners) to maximise practice productivity whilst battling with ever more diverse IT issues.

In a recent TalkTalk business survey it was cited that over 59% of SME’s (of all types) were having issues with broadband alone, lt alone wider IT issues. The realism is we are producing an army of “accidental IT managers” who are neither trained nor necessarily any good in their DIY IT roles.

Get to the cloud!

By moving to a hosted environment many of these issues can be resolved. Workers desktops are of an identical specification, so have the same power, speed and hardware running in the background. This makes isolated issues much easier to diagnose and fix, especially by a specialist such as Hosted Accountants. Our engineers are very used to managing issues with all the mainstream practice products.

Because a hosted desktop system is held in the cloud (in fact we use there is no reliance on local hardware. A member of staff or partner can use any device, any time to connect to their desktop and run IRIS, Sage, Digita, etc in real time and from any location with internet.

We can help…

To find out more about reducing your IT downtime and moving to a modern robust system feel free to read our case studies or CONTACT US for an informal chat.


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