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How safe is your data? - the end of support for Win Server 2003

It is estimated that there are still around 10 millions machines running Win Server 2003 yet support officially finished in the Summer of 2015 after a long period of notification.

What does this mean for our industry, especially professional firms?

  1. You are no longer supported and all official Microsoft support has now ended.
  2. Vulnerabilities that are created will no longer be patched.
  3. You are potentially risking exposing your clients data

Is the end of Win Server 2003 really that serious?

Yes it is….

As holes are made in software it is up to the vendor to patch these issues. That is why your current Windows software (whether on a PC or server) updates from time to time to protect you.

This is a big change to the O/S landscape and there is ever increased real value in criminals developing access points because there will not be any fixes. The more popular the system, the more payback for developing intrusion methods.

The answer?

Migrate immediately away from old software and upgrade to Server 2012. Even better consider not wasting money on a new server and virtualise your IT with a hosting company. This avoids CAPEX expense and keep your applications and data running in a very secure Win 2012 environment.

Our hosting options start from just £40 per person per month for a hosted desktop solution, with Win Server 2012, server space AND the latest firewall and antivirus software included. Our support team look after your IT estate with you freeing staff to remain more productive and focused on practice work. We only use the best UK based data centres.

If you have concerns over aging hardware or would like an open discussion over moving to a hosted environment please call us on 0800 440 2282 or submit and enquiry HERE.


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