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Secure your local network from Attack

After you have moved your data to a Hosted environment everything becomes much easier from a security perspective. We manage and secure your systems so you don’t have to. However, you still have some exposure to Cyber threats that occur locally on your network or PCs. This a particular concern if you upload client backups to your Hosted Desktop from your network. Or you allow your staff or clients to access the internet from your office via your WiFi. 

In order to protect your local systems and client data we have teamed up with Cisco to provide a enterprise class firewall and security device that will also provide high levels of content and web filtering. The device is installed configured managed, and importantly monitored by us. We have managed to secure special pricing and can off this managed firewall service for £45.00 per month plus V.A.T

Six Benefits of a Managed Firewall

1. Content Filtering

This stops your staff looking at websites locally that you don’t want them to. The system uses Webroot Brightcloud URL database. This system checks that the website your users are trying to access is legitimate and does not contain problem downloads or hidden risks.

2. Web Site Filtering

The system also can be configured to only allow safe search using Bing or Google. This is particular useful if you have a client facing Wireless network. It stop any device no matter how they connect to the network from downloading any thing they shouldn’t.

3. Intrusion Protection

This is probably the most important feature. The system includes Sourcefire Snort based intrusion protection. Snort is an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system utilising a rule-driven language, which combines signature, protocol and anomaly based inspection methods. It detects and automatically blocks any traffic that looks like it is doing something it shouldn’t.

Meraki Screen Shot

4. Anti Virus and Anti Phishing at the gateway

The system uses the Kaspersky SafeStream II engine. This looks at traffic as it passes the gateway, that provides a way to detect the most dangerous and prevalent threats (“in-the-wild”) at wire speed. It represents a balanced trade-off between in-depth security and maximum performance.By taking full advantage of Kaspersky Lab’s infrastructure, including cloud-enabled security intelligence and Kaspersky Security Network, Kaspersky SafeStream II effectively detects malware in all types of traffic (web, mail, P2P, IM, etc), thus protecting users from the most dangerous cyber threats, including zero-day malware, server-side malware, web-borne malware, drive-by downloads and other types.

5. 3G / 4G failover

In addition to all of the protection features, the device also includes a 3G / 4G failover via a USB Modem. This means that in the event of your normal ADSL or Fibre line failing the internet will still continue to operate via a USB modem. Subject to you have reasonable 3G/ 4G connectivity in your office.

6. Configured, Installed, Managed and Monitored by our team.

This device is installed onsite by our staff, and then managed and monitored by network operations centre alongside your hosted desktop 24 x 7. In the event of hardware failure we will swap the unit out and reconfigure it remotely. 

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