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Cloud hosted IT for accountancy practices

Our clients face a myriad of challenges in the modern business world. By supplying cutting edge cloud technologies we help reduce the stress and burden felt by accountancy firms of all sizes and complexity of need….

Challenges our clients face include….

  • Increased regulation internally and externally
  • Pressure on fees locally
  • Increasingly complex IT systems
  • Increasingly demanding clients expecting modern IT systems

It is common for partners to spend huge amounts of time dealing with bureaucracy, difficult systems, and wrestling with IT that could be simplified. Traditional on-site server solutions are not scalable and by definition include wasted resources and processing power that are never used…

The Answer?

You need systems that work easily and support the way you want to work. Moving to a hosted or “cloud” based way of working lets you be more flexible, more responsive, and allows you to access data anywhere, anytime over the internet.

So how can the Cloud help?


Hosting your data and applications in the cloud is flexible. You only use the resources you need and are not provisioning extra space that is never used. Partners and staff can work whilst commuting, at home, and abroad if necessary, all safe in the knowledge that your business is securely housed on our servers. We only use ISO27001 Tier3+ datacentres and INCLUDE replication to a second location on all our plans for no extra cost. We can host all your applications and have clients using DIGITA, IRIS, CCH, BTC, Taxcalc, Moneysoft, Virtual Cabinet, Sage, Quickbooks all within our hosted desktop model!

Reduced Costs

There is no large capital outlay when compared to buying a new traditional server. All our plans work on monthly fees which are clear and discussed upfront. Within this model you can grow your IT without any lumpy costs and it is easier to budget your complete IT spend for future growth.

Work from anywhere!

With a hosted desktop system and our CloudPhone hosted telephony staff members can receive calls and work on client instructions from any location. The office has become truly portable with remote and flexi-working now an achievable reality. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your network or server cost you time and money?
  • Would you like to use your programs and data from multiple locations?
  • Do you worry about your backups being reliable?
  • Do software updates take time or energy to apply?
  • Are you or your partners wasting expensive, chargeable time on IT issues?
  • Is your outside IT contractor costing you the earth?
  • Do you really want to be dealing with IT when you could be completing chargeable work?

If so then please contact us for a free consultation. We are completely independent of the software providers and very happy to discuss how we can assist you in your goal for truly stress free IT. 

Small Firm

Smaller firms don’t generally have dedicated IT support and look to us to manage this for them so they can concentrate on their clients.

Medium Firm

Medium sized businesses need and demand a solid IT platform that is also agile enough to evolve with the business.

Large Firm

Larger firms that we work with (typically 25-100 staff) have more complicated needs and visions that we are very happy to accommodate.